Where is ACE Cash Express Corporate office Headquarters

Where is ACE Cash Express Corporate office Headquarters

About ACE Cash Express , History and Headquarters Information

ACE Cash express is an American company having its offices across different states of America providing financial services since 1968. They provide you with payday loans and other services related to finance including short term loans to customers, transfer of money, payment of bills and money pay orders.

There are around 24 states in America where ACE extends its services and it’s headquarter being in Texas. They specialize in providing prepaid debit cards. They opened their first store in 1968 in Colorado, and the idea went successful that they soon opened more branches in Colorado and other states of America.

Apart from helping people in financial matters, they are also leaving footprints on community through charity work. Pink month is the most famous event for organizing funds for breast cancer patients. They are well known for promoting literacy, helping poor children and promoting financial education across the country.

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Hello my name is Gerald DeAndre Taylor and I recently had a horrendous deplorable experience with this company. My wife and I went in to Ace Check Cashing on Christmas Eve to cash my Texas rent relief check. A gentleman by the name of Robert Parasiliti ultimately refused to cash my check. He was not the cashier however he was the gentleman that was contacted by the cashier in order to process and complete the transaction. It seems that Robert is a self-appointed Texas rent relief investigator. The first thing that Robert asked for it wa25th copy of my lease agreement although the Texas rent relief program had asked 172eeerdcopy of this and my application that was subjected to a lengthy evaluation and approval process. The check was issued by Chase Bank after the Texas rent relief program over a period of 3 months or so evaluated processed and most importantly approved my application for funding. My wife and I were very very excited considering that we had many overdue debts to pay as a result of unemployment do to the recent pandemic of covid-19. My wife and I were most excited at the fact that we would lay Witness to the joyous abundantly thrilled look that we would have seen in our four grandchildren’s eyes when they received the gifts that they had asked for and we’re looking forward to receiving from Paw paw and GG all year long.My wife and I were not able to see this look in our grandchildren’s eyes and we never will because of Robert and his discriminatory practices against people of color. Robert did not know anything concerning my situation and history of residence nor any agreements between my landlord and I or any knowledge of Arrangements that my landlord had concerning the property. .I question if this was any of Robert’s business or concern. I was under the impression that the employees of Texas rent relief program were the ones tasked with evaluating this information and making a decision as a result of. I will go on Yelp and TripAdvisor I will utilize every single Avenue available to me in order let this nation from Los Angeles to New York know about the racist and discriminatory practices that Ace Check cashing engages in. And I will begin and highlight with the name ROBERT PARASILITI. I will not go silently away. I personally know activists. U will hear of this LOUDLY. ilol send a copy QQ+of this email, even with the grammatical errors due 2 my anger, humiliation and frustration

I have been trying to get a toll free number to get information on refunds on inmates trust fund or transferring money to the correct Inmate. I have the receipt in question, will someone in corporate be able to give me an answer. Don’t let me file this $ as lost.

This is a collection’s agent complaint against a man,adrien,with ref# 10797966.BEGIN RANT:on 4. I visited my local Ace Cash Express with two payroll checks,one bounced.instead of contacting the local store which had the payroll verification number I was called by this man spewing threats on the debt.He was unethical and rude to the point of being obnoxious.He even had the nerve to switch from the recorded office number to his personal line,which I conclude is not recorded.He may very well be the most effective collector for the company,but his procedure put me in an uproar.I have made the necessary contacts to quickly resolve the issue.END RANT

Me and my wife have been contacted by an unknown caller because of a loan I did not pay off. Have threaten to report it to my job and have me arrested. With all the high payday loan store Heath OH interest they charged me you think they would just let it go. They told me I will also have to go to court. Maybe I start looking for a lawyer.

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